Maritime spatial planning

The purpose of MSP is to agree upon the principles for the use of Estonian marine area in the long term, in order to promote the maritime economy and contribute to the achievement and maintenance of the good environmental status. In the future, the adopted MSP serves as a basis for decision-making processes for ministries and other authorities to allow different uses of the marine area. It will also serve as a guide for the activities of businesses, investors, local authorities and coastal communities.

The authority organizing the preparation of MSP is the Ministry of Finance (Spatial Planning Department).  The consultant for preparing the MSP and impact assessment is Hendrikson & Ko Ltd. MSP is adopted by order of the Government of the Republic.

Detailed info about Estonian MSP including all the documents and webmap in English are available in Estonian MSP portal: 

Estonian MSP and SEA contact point: Ms. Triin Lepland, Adviser in Spatial Planning Department,, +372 452 0521.


Estonian MSP

The maritime spatial plan´s planning process and impact assessment, including SEA, was initiated in 25 May 2017 by the Government of the Republic with the order no. 157. The impact assessment is integrated into the MSP process. The Estonian MSP will be composed for the entire marine area (including the Exclusive Economic Zone), except Hiiu and Pärnu marine areas. These plans will remain valid after the introduction of Estonian MSP, which means that those planning solutions shall continue serving as the basis for decisions regulating the use of marine areas in those regions. The preparation of Estonian MSP must take into account the already prepared Hiiu and Pärnu maritime spatial plans, including concerning the areas envisaged for various uses and their conditions of use.

The second draft (main solution) of Estonian MSP and separate impact assessment report

  • The second draft (main solution) of Estonian MSP in English
  • Separate impact assessment (including SEA) report in English
  • Webmap and all the layers of the draft plan in English are available on the webpage:

The proposed draft of Estonian MSP

With the purpose (Proposed draft of Estonian MSP (4.13 MB, PDF)) to introduce the draft Estonian MSP the Ministry of Finance of Estonia arranged a transboundary consultation meeting:

  • May 29, 2019 at 13.00-16.00. Ministry of Finance (Suur-Ameerika 1 Tallinn)

Stage 2 of the Estonian MSP process, i.e. the draft Estonian MSP, has started. The draft plan reflects the combined use of the Estonian marine area, including the future trends, vision and spatial development principles of the marine area. In the preparation of the draft plan, environmental considerations have been taken into account (the draft plan has a separate chapter about this). The input of the Impact Assessment Task Group, which consists of different experts (e.g. specialist on marine environment and economic impacts), to the draft plan is presented by areas of activities where the most important associated impacts are brought out. Associated impacts are analyzed more thoroughly within the framework of the main planning solution with a separate SEA report created.

The initial planning outline for the Estonian MSP and the memorandum of intention to conduct impact assessment

Stage 1 of the Estonian MSP process, i.e. the initial planning outline for the Estonian MSP and the memorandum of intention to conduct impact assessment, has ended. Necessary amendments have been made and the final documentation can be found on the Estonian MSP webpage (PDF).

Hiiu and Pärnu MSP-s

In October 2012 the Government of Estonia initiated two pilot maritime spatial plans – at the area around Hiiu Island and Pärnu Bay area. Hiiu MSP was adopted in June 2016 (offshore wind energy theme in Hiiu MSP abolished by the Supreme Court of Estonia on August 8th 2018, all other sector-related aspects are still legally binding) and Pärnu MSP was adopted in April 2017.


Last updated: 6 March 2020