Procurement Register. User terms


1. Definitions

1.1 E-procurement environment – and information and documents accessible through the subdomains thereof.

1.2 Administrator – the Ministry of Finance.

1.3 User – a person using the E-procurement environment.

1.4 Special programme – a programme which is not intended for general internet browsing or the operation of which is not directly controlled by a person. Special programmes are deemed to be, inter alia, scripts, robots and automatic tools or programmes which are not intended for internet browsing.

2. General

2.1 The E-procurement environment may be used only if all of the terms of use are agreed to. By using the E-procurement environment you agree to all of the terms of use without exceptions.

2.2 Use of the E-procurement environment is deemed to be use, in any manner or for any purposes, of any document or data set located in the E-procurement environment.

2.2 1 E-procurement environment sets limitations to the following amounts of data:

2.2.1 A contract document may not exceed 100 MB. The total amount of tender documents is not limited.

2.2.2 A tender document may not exceed 20 MB. The total amount of digitally signed ender documents may not exceed 100 MB.

2.3 Visiting the E-procurement environment is allowed only by means of internet browsers for general purposes. The E-procurement environment supports the following internet browsers: Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Chrome and Safari.

2.3 1 It is not allowed to use Internet browser buttons (moving back and forward, refreshing a page) nor to open the environment in several Internet browser windows and tabs at the same time. In order to move around in the E-procurement environment, it is required to use the button "Back" displayed on the application pages (in case of searching use the blue arrow, whcich takes you back to the original search list) or move around by clicking on different application pages or tabs.

2.4 Visiting the E-procurement environment by means of special internet browsers without the prior written consent of the Administrator is prohibited.

2.5 In case any provision of the terms of use is invalid due to a conflict with the law, it does not affect the validity of the remaining provisions of the terms of use.

3. Copyright

3.1 The copyrights of materials published in the E-procurement environment, except for the materials entered by a user in the framework of a procurement procedure, are held by the Administrator.

4. Personal data

4.1 In accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act, personal data is maintained only with the permission of the User and only insofar as is necessary for the functioning of the E-procurement environment and its services. By allowing identification, the User grants his or her consent for:

4.1.1 his or her personal data to be processed and maintained in the information system of the Administrator;

4.1.2 inquiries in databases on the basis of his or her personal identification code if it is necessary for ensuring the functionality of the service rendered.

5. User rights and obligations

5.1 The User has the right to use, free of charge, the E-procurement environment in conformity with the terms of use of the E-procurement environment.

5.2. The User has the right to assistance in using the E-procurement environment by contacting the Helpdesk.

5.2. It is prohibited for the User to use the E-procurement environment or the services rendered by the Administrator for the purposes of committing a fraud or other violation of law.

5.3 The User is under the obligation to adhere to every applicable legislation and good practice in using the E-procurement environment.

5.4. The User is prohibited from entering or uploading to the E-procurement environment any materials, including post questions, which are indecent, offensive, hatred-provoking, threatening or improper in any other manner.

6. Administrator rights and obligations

6.1 The Administrator has the right to unilaterally change the terms of use according to the development of the E-procurement environment. The Administrator shall inform the Users of any change in the terms of use through the E-procurement environment.

6.2 The Administrator has the right to restrict the User's access to the E-procurement environment if the User is in violation of these terms of use.

6.3 The Administrator is not liable for the content of any information entered and of any documents uploaded to the E-procurement environment by Users.

6.4. The Administrator is not liable for any possible delays, faults or interruptions caused by circumstances outside the Administrator's control in the E-procurement environment, such as force majeure, blackouts, interferences in the User's or Administrator's phone or Internet connection or in the work of other electronic equipment and devices, including software.

6.5. The Administrator is not liable for any possible damage or loss of profit caused by use or non-use.

6.6. The Administrator undertakes not to publish to any third persons any information regarding the User, except for communication of information on the basis prescribed by law for preventing or investigating a violation of law or in other cases.


Last updated: 28 March 2018