Procurement Register

Estonian Public Procurement Register,, is a free self-service environment for contracting authorities for conducting and economic operators for participating in public procurements.  

Anyone can freely  browse published procurements, notices, contract information and review committee's decisions.

You will find more information in E-procurement in Estonia 2019. (1.39 MB, PDF)

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Useful to know 


01.08.2019   ESPD version 2.0.2 extended  is integreated into the Procurement Register. However, a self-standing ESPD 1.0 is also available at

17.05.2019  Procurement Register offers new services: dynamic purchansing system, qualification system, e-auction. Functionalities form an integrated part of a procedure carried out via the register.

21.10.2018   As of 22 October 2018 Estonia launches a new technically and functionally upgraded Procurement Register and linked e-catalogues system.

18.10.2018  Estonian e-procurement system receives a European Commission better governance through digital procurement award for interoperability, governance and sustainability.

16.10.2018  "Digital transformation to e-procurement". Press release of the Ministry of Finance.


Services for Contracting Authorities

  • Conducting procurements from ePreparation to eAward 
  • eNotification
  • eSender services for forwarding notices to TED
  • eAccess
  • eCommunication with Economic Operators
  • Integrated ESPD
  • Automatic evaluation and system reports
  • X-road enquiries to other nformation systems on exclusion grounds and selection criteria
  • Automated eEvaluation
  • E-auctions
  • Contract signing
  • E-catalogues, incl eOrdering


Services for Economic Operators

  • Procurement search
  • Review Committee's decisions
  • Information subscriptions to e-mail, procurement sharing, saved searches
  • eCommunication with Contracting Authorities
  • x-road enquiries into other systems on exclusion grounds and selection criteria
  • eSubmission
  • Information about the results of the procedure
  • Contract signing
  • Information about concluded contracts
  • Statistics
  • eCatalogues, incl eOrdering




Last updated: 13 April 2020