Department of public procurement and state aid


1) makes, coordinates and implements the public procurement policy and is responsible for legislative drafting;
2) advises in matters pertaining to the implementation of this Act, thereby approves the procurement rules of a contracting authority or entity at the latter’s request, organises training in public procurement, gives advisory instructions and guidelines, and publishes updated know-how;
3) maintains the public procurement register as an electronic database;
4) collects, processes and analyses statistical data and organises the exchange of data and information with the Publications Office of the European Union and the European Commission in accordance with legislation;
5) engages in supranational cooperation with foreign authorities and international organisations;
6) exercises state supervision and administrative supervision over adherence to this Act and legislation adopted on the basis thereof and carries out extrajudicial proceedings in misdemeanour cases in accordance with the rules and to the extent provided by law;
7) once a year submits to the Government of the Republic an overview of the public procurement policymaking, advisory and training activities, state supervision and the activities of the public procurement register;
8) performs other duties, tasks and functions arising from laws.

Procurement reviews are administered by an independent Review Committee.


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Advice on Procurement Act*

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We 14:00-17:00

Fr   9:00-12:00 +372 611 3701

Procurement Register Helpdesk

Mo-Fr 9:00-12:00 and 13:00-15:00

+372 611 3693,

+372 611 3703

Procurement Supervision + 372 611 3435
Review Committee +372 611 3713
In case of corruption threat, please notify:

answering machine:

+372 612 3657

In case of bid rigging, please notify:  

* Replies within 7 work days.


Last updated: 19 June 2018