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14.05.2015|Ministry of Finance

Government approves targets for structural budget surpluses

The Estonian general government budget will remain in a structural surplus from 2016 to 2019, according to the Stability Programme 2015 approved by the Estonian government on Thursday. 
21.04.2015|Ministry of Finance

Domestic demand remains the driving force of the Estonian economy

According to the spring forecast of the Ministry of Finance, the Estonian economy will grow by 2 per cent this year and by 2.8 per cent in 2016. Domestic demand will remain the driving force of the economy.
12.03.2015|Ministry of Finance

Estonia’s GDP growth in Q4 was among the fastest in Europe

Kristjan Pungas, analyst at the Fiscal Policy Department, Ministry of Finance  According to Statistics Estonia, the economic growth of Estonia increased to 3 per cent in Q4 2014 and the total GDP growth in 2014 was 2.1 per cent. According to Eurostat, Estonia was one of the fastest growing...
12.02.2015|Ministry of Finance

Final months of the year saw an acceleration in GDP growth

Madis Aben, analyst at the Fiscal Policy Department, Ministry of Finance  Estonia’s gross domestic product grew by 2.7 per cent in the fourth quarter of 2014 year-on-year, according to the flash estimate of Statistics Estonia. Similarly to the third quarter, private consumption and net...
06.02.2015|Ministry of Finance

Cheapening oil accelerated the fall in CPI

Kristjan Pungas, analyst at the Fiscal Policy Department, Ministry of Finance  According to Statistics Estonia, January witnessed a drop of the consumer price index (CPI) of 0.4 per cent as compared to December. Year-on-year, the fall in consumer prices accelerated to 1.3 per cent. 
18.12.2014|Ministry of Finance

EIB provides 200 million euros to support strategic investments in Estonia

The European Investment Bank (EIB) is establishing a new EUR 200 million loan facility for Estonia to support investments in research and innovation, sustainable transport infrastructure and the development of SMEs. The EIB loan will help Estonia to successfully absorb EU structural funds over the...
13.11.2014|Ministry of Finance

Extended use of e-services in state agencies increases work efficiency

More and more state agencies use self-service based e-services to administer data, thus saving working time and increasing work efficiency.  Since November, the employees of 89 institutions manage their holidays, assets, and business trips via State Employee Self-Service Portal. The first to...
12.11.2014|Ministry of Finance

Moderate economic growth continued in third quarter

Madis Aben, analyst of the Fiscal Policy Department, Ministry of FinanceAccording to Statistics Estonia, Estonian economy grew 2.1 per cent in the third quarter compared to the year before, and 0.2 per cent as compared to the previous quarter. 
29.10.2014|Ministry of Finance

Estonians have positive perception of impact of EU support

The majority of respondents consider the impact of EU support on the economy positive over the years and 77 per cent of respondents are able to name projects in their region, indicated a survey carried out by Faktum & Ariko.
01.10.2014|Ministry of Finance

The new Motor Insurance Act enters into force on October 1

The Ministry of Finance hereby reminds all those interested that as of tomorrow a new Motor Insurance Act will enter into force. The Act places motor insurance into the contemporary legal system, elaborates on and amends a number of requirements and definitions, and, all in all, renders it more...