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04.11.2005|Ministry of Finance

euro changeover plan

05.09.2005|Ministry of Finance

Government of the Republic Approved the First Draft of the Euro Adoption Plan

Today, on 1st of September, the Government of Estonia approved the first draft of the euro adoption plan, which will be the basis for making preparations for the changeover to the single currency. The adoption plan was prepared in cooperation of Ministry of Finance, Eesti Pank, and several other...
29.07.2004|Ministry of Finance

Estonian Minister of Finance Mr. Taavi Veskimägi met with German Minister of Finance Mr. Hans Eichel

Today, July 29th, at the meeting hosted by the Ministry of Finance of Estonia, Estonian and German Ministers of Finance discussed the proposals of the European Commission for tax base harmonisation for businesses in member states as well as the next EU financial perspective for the years 2007-...
28.06.2004|Ministry of Finance

Entry to the ERM II leaves the Exchange Rate of Estonian Kroon Unchanged

At a meeting on Sunday June 27 the representatives of the euro area countries, the ECB and Denmark, presently the only ERM II member, decided to approve Estonia’s application to join the Exchange Rate Mechanism II. Entry to the ERM II leaves the exchange rate of Estonian kroon unchanged. Also in...
27.05.2004|Ministry of Finance

Estonian Economy Survey, May 2004

US economy grew 4,9% y-o-y in first quarter 2004 and was the engine of world economy. Also Asian economies grew rapidly, especially China, where GDP growth in first quarter was 9,7%. Economic activity in Europe is more modest; uncertainty of consumers induces little support from private...
27.05.2004|Ministry of Finance

Estonian Economy Survey, April 2004

World economic growth is expected to gain momentum from last year’s 3,4% to 4,3% this year. Last year’s growth was slowed down by war in Iraq and SARS epidemic. By European Commission’s spring forecast economic growth in USA is expected to accelerate up to 4,2% despite high levels of...
21.03.2003|Ministry of Finance

Estonian Economy Survey, March 2003

GDP. In 2002, Estonia’s annualised economic growth reached 5.6 per cent, being a very good result against weakening world economy. Domestic demand sustained economic growth: investments gained volume, labour market situation improved and growing wages boosted income, which...