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06.07.2017|Ministry of Finance

The last loose ends of the administrative reform were tied

At the meeting held today, the Government decided that the last four merger proposals that have remained open would not be completed as they were. According to the decision, the merger initiated by the Government does not concern Keila Town and an exception is made to three local governments with...
29.06.2017|Ministry of Finance

Tõniste: It is important to strengthen the financial sector during the presidency

Minister of Finance Toomas Tõniste met yesterday in Brussels with Roberto Gualtieri, Chairman of the Committee on Economic and Monetary Affairs (ECON) of the European Parliament. The participants discussed the financial sector issues that Estonia intends to raise in negotiations with the European...
27.06.2017|Ministry of Finance

Aab: The services provided by county governments must be accessible next year as well

Minister of Public Administration Jaak Aab met with the leaders of county local government associations earlier today to discuss the reorganisation of the functions of local government associations and county functions in relation to the abolition of county governments. The minister said that the...
20.06.2017|Ministry of Finance

Tõniste: Estonia will focus on the financial sector and tax issues in the area of finance during the presidency

At the meeting of EU finance ministers in Luxembourg on June 16, the member states reached an agreement on banking risk reduction drafts. Various issues concerning VAT were also on the agenda of the Ecofin. Discussions will continue after Estonia has already assumed the presidency.
15.06.2017|Ministry of Finance

The Government decided the mergers of local governments

The Government approved the changes in the administrative territorial organisation at its session today, according to which the mergers will be completed on the basis of the 12 previously made proposals. Six merger proposals were abandoned and four were sent to the regional committees for...
10.05.2017|Ministry of Finance

County government reform progressing well

The draft of the County Government Reform Act, which stipulates the termination of the work of county governments and county governors, is in its first reading in the Riigikogu today. Their functions will be distributed between local governments and state agencies as of the next year. “Changing...
17.04.2017|Ministry of Finance

European Union budget negotiations for 2018 will be led by Special Representative Märt Kivine during the Estonian Presidency

The Government decided that the negotiations about the budget of the European Union for the next year between the Council of the EU, the European Parliament and the European Commission will be led by Special Representative Märt Kivine. Minister of Finance Sven Sester proposed the appointment of...
28.03.2017|Ministry of Finance

Transferring public-sector jobs out of Tallinn

During the March 23rd Cabinet meeting, the government discussed a plan for moving 1 000 public sector jobs out of Tallinn, which would affect approximately 40 state authorities. Each ministry presented proposals for its own area of administration, which would coordinate the organizational...
21.02.2017|Ministry of Finance

Sester: the EU budget must contribute to growth

The Economic and Financial Affairs Council, commonly known as the Ecofin Council, approved its guidelines for the 2018 EU budget today.
20.02.2017|Ministry of Finance

Sester: Less bureaucracy is good for business

Sven Sester, the Minister of Finance of Estonia, presented to other eurozone finance ministers the experience and plans of Estonia to make business simpler: for example, using the information on wages already collected, the Tax and Customs Board for compiling official statistics would make it...