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Reform plan under the aegis of the ‘Estonia 2035’ strategy to be completed in November

10. June 2019 - 10:59

The government has approved the future timetable for the long-term strategy ‘Estonia 2035’, according to which the necessary reforms to be carried out under the strategy will become clear by November of this year. The strategy itself will be completed by April 2020 after negotiations with interest groups and partners.

‘The boundaries of the strategy ‘Estonia 2035’ are becoming clearer, and during the summer months, after negotiations with all those thinking of the future thinkers, experts and partners, the long-term goals of our country and society will be more clearly set,’ noted Prime Minister Jüri Ratas.

‘Together we must make a decision about the direction in which we wish to move over the next 15 years and beyond: whether we want to keep in focus are the environment, flexible economy, infrastructure that takes into consideration the needs of people, innovation or something else entirely,’ noted the Prime Minister. In order to reach a common understanding, seminars will be taking place over the next few weeks in various towns across Estonia.

‘Nearly 14,000 Estonians have presented their expectations for the future to the creators of the strategy. Participants in the survey most want the country to focus on the security of people, freedom and nature conservation,’ added Prime Minister Ratas. Opinions were collected from 22 April to 10 May of this year. 

In addition to the collected opinions of the people, the targets are set on the basis of global variables consolidated by experts. The variables include global warming, changes in population, the development of technology, as well as the most important development needs of the Estonian state formulated in co-operation with interest groups and partners.

Based on the results of the work above, the process of agreeing upon Estonia’s strategic targets, the reforms necessary to achieve them, and the identification of sources of funding will continue this year. ‘The goal is to reach an understanding by November regarding the reforms that Estonia needs and our capability to implement these reforms,’ said the Prime Minister.

The long-term strategy is being planned until 2035, encompassing all fields along with bigger reforms and investments, including the use of European Union structural funds during the new period. The long-term strategy ‘Estonia 2035’ will be ready at the beginning of 2020, and its preparation is being led by the Government Office and the Ministry of Finance. 

Taking part in the creation of ‘Estonia 2035’ are various organisations, NGOs, associations, communities, industry groups, experts and everyone interested across Estonia. The preparation of the strategy began with a cabinet decision on 8 March 2018. The goal of the strategy being created is to provide a long-term, sustainable direction for Estonia’s development.

Additional information:

  • Eili Lepik, Deputy Strategy Director of the Government Office, e-mail:; phone +372 506 7123
  • Magnus Urb, Head of Strategic Planning at the Ministry of Finance; e-mail:; phone +372 5665 6990