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E-public procurement is continuing its triumph

4. April 2018 - 15:31

Brief summary of the public procurement statistics of 2017 drawn up by the Ministry of Finance reveals that last year, a total of 10,375 public procurements were carried out, and according to the preliminary estimate, the total cost of procurements initiated last year is a little over 2 billion euros. As at the start of February, a total of 12,200 public contracts and framework agreements have been awarded as a result of procurements initiated last year. 87% of tenderers who were awarded a contract were small and medium-sized enterprises and 13% were large enterprises.

“I’m glad that Estonia is at the forefront of carrying out e-public procurements in the European Union, as last year electronic public procurements constituted 93% of the total number of procurements, having increased by 3% over the year,” said Raigo Uukkivi, Deputy Secretary-General of the Ministry of Finance.

All contract notices are published in the Public Procurement Register already as of 2001, and e-procedures can be carried out in the register as of 2011. “Carrying out public procurements through a central public procurement register ensures that information about public procurements to be carried out reaches undertakings across Estonia in a better way. We will continue developing the register in cooperation with the Information Technology Centre of the Ministry of Finance and Nortal AS this year as well in order to transition to an updated and contemporary register in the autumn, thereby enabling a flexible sequence of activities and processing of different parts of the procedure at different times,” added Kristel Mesilane, Head of the Public Procurement and State Aid Department.

Among public procurements, 40% were carried out for the purchase of services as the year before, a little over 30% for the purchase of supplies, and a little under 30% for works, the share of which increased in comparison with the previous year.

Similarly to the year before, 58% of procurements were carried out as a simple procurement, 29% as open procedure, and 5% as negotiated procedure without prior publication of a contract notice and by way of simple procedure.

Award criterion of using economic advantageousness remained on the same level of 16% in comparison with the year before. This condition is used more in large procurements. The share of procurements exceeding the international threshold was 27% of all procurement procedures, and the share of procurements below the international threshold was 14%. At the same time, the share of procurements with environmentally friendly conditions decreased from 6% to 4% over the year.

Examine the brief summary of public procurements of 2017 (in Estonian) in the information portal of public procurement. A more comprehensive summary of public procurements of the year will be completed this summer and published in the same information portal.