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Digital transformation to e-procurement

16. October 2018 - 15:47

The new public procurement register for Estonia will start work on October 22nd. The register supports the complete transition to a fully digital procurement process.

“Estonia is at the forefront of e-procurements in the EU. More than 90 percent of all tenders are currently carried out in the register as e-tenders. Complete transition to e-tendering will contribute to greater transparency and improve access to public contracts for SMEs,” says Janek Mäggi, Minister of Public Administration.

“Smart solutions of the new register will simplify its use and make searching for interesting tenders more convenient,” adds Raigo Uukkivi, Deputy Secretary General at the Ministry of Finance. “The register has fresh content and new design, and can now be accessed conveniently via smart devices.”

“This is a prime example of a new generation eGovernment solution that prioritizes user experience, supports a fully digital process and exchanges data with a large number of registers, simplifying the entering of data for end-users,” says Ats Albre, Nortal’s Head of Delivery in Estonia.

“High-quality procurement has always been an important success factor for development projects. With the new register, procurement is considerably easier,” says Meelis Riimaa, Deputy Head of IT Systems Development at the IT Centre of the Ministry of Finance (RMIT). “The public procurement register is a system of national importance with an average of 20,000 visits per day, both from Estonia and abroad.”

The new and innovative procurement register provides a modern and efficient working environment for contracting entities to organize tenders and find new business opportunities. Moving forward, there will now be numerous possibilities to find information about tenders, contracts and challenges. The system now permits users to save searches, share tenders and receive email.

The biggest change is the move to an activity-based system, which facilitates the transfer from file-based to data-based tenders. The updated register offers flexible and innovative e-tendering solutions – such as the approval of tender documents, the ability to process large amounts at various times, integrated procurement passport or the e-catalogue for ordering – similar to online shops.
During 2019, new functions will be added: a dynamic procurement system, a qualification system, market research and procurement plans.

To ensure the smooth transition of the new system, the register is not accessible from October 18 at 4 p.m. through October 21.

The development of the new register is spearheaded by the Ministry of Finance in cooperation with the IT Centre of the Ministry of Finance (RMIT) and Nortal AS. The proposed cost of the project is nearly €2.5 million. The project pre-analysis was prepared by Datel AS; development by Nortal AS. The e-catalogue application is developed in cooperation between the Centre of Registers and Information Systems (RIK) and developer AS CGI Eesti. Project activities are funded from the European Regional Development Fund.