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Minister of Public Administration Jaak Aab

Jaak Aab is the Minister of Public Administration of the Republic of Estonia since 12 June, 2017. He is a member of the Centre Party.

  • From 2016-2017, Jaak Aab was Secretary General of the Estonian Centre Party, and from 2015-2016 he was an adviser to the Estonian Centre Party group in the Riigikogu.
  • From 2012-2015, Jaak Aab worked as a consultant to various local governments of the Republic of Finland.
  • From 2007-2011, Jaak Aab was a member of the 11th composition of the Riigikogu of the Republic of Estonia.
  • From 2005-2007, Jaak Aab was Minister of Social Affairs of the Government of the Republic of Estonia.
  • From 2003-2005, Jaak Aab worked as Executive Director of the Association of Estonian Cities and Towns, and from 2002-2003 he was also a member of the 9th composition of the Riigikogu.
  • From 1998-2002, Jaak Aab was Mayor of Võhma, and from 1994-1998 he was Deputy Mayor of Võhma.
  • In addition, from 1994-1998, he worked as an economics teacher in Võhma Gymnasium (upper-secondary school), and from 1989-1991 he was headteacher of Võhma Gymnasium.
  • From 1988-1989, Jaak Aab was First Secretary of the Viljandi District Committee of ELKNÜ (Committee of the Leninist Communist Youth League of Estonia), and from 1985-1988 he was a teacher and youth recreation leader at Võhma Gymnasium. From 1984-1985 he was a teacher at Ala Basic School.
Jaak Aab, who was born on 9 April 1960 in Taagepera, is a graduate of Viljandi 5th Secondary School, and of Tallinn Pedagogical Institute, where he specialised in Russian Language and Literature.

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Last updated: 8 August 2017