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Central purchasing


In Estonia there is one Government nominated mandatory central purchaser - Centre of Registers and Information Systems (RIK). RIK is responsible for procuring office computers, monitors and printers for ministries, authorities in their jurisdiction, and the Government Office. 

The Government has also nominated voluntary central purchasers like RIK, Infotechnology Centre of the Ministry of Interior (SMIT)  and Infotechnology Centre of the Ministry of Finance (RMIT). RIK, SMIT and RMIT carry out central purchases in the field of telecommunication, except the products that have to be procured fom the mandatory central purchaser RIK.  

State Shared Service Centre (RTK) is nominated a voluntary central purchaser for government authorities. RTK does not carry out central purchases in the field of telecommunication.

OECD research "Centralised Purchasing Systems in the European Union” shows that both ways of consolidation of public procurements will achieve similar positive impact.

The Central purchasing body Centre of Registers and Information Systems has noticed a saving in prices of ca 30%.

As a positive example of joint procurement we can mention a competitive dialogue conducted by the Ministry of Finance in 2009 for purchasing telecommunication services, in which 7 ministries with their governing area authorities, 3 foundations, Government Office and National Audit of Estonia participated. A signinficant saving was achieved as a result: in the case of office phones the saving was up to 60% and in the case of mobile communication up to 30%.


Last updated: 28 September 2018