Eelinfo 17.–21. detsember

Esmaspäev, 17. detsember

  • Riigihalduse minister Janek Mäggi kohtub Tallinna-Helsingi tunneli projekti eestvedajatega.
  • Rahandusminister Toomas Tõniste osaleb Riigikogu õiguskomisjoni istungil.
  • Rahandusminister Toomas Tõniste osaleb valitsuse loenduskomisjoni istungil.


Teisipäev, 18. detsember

  • Riigihalduse minister Janek Mäggi ja rahandusminister Toomas Tõniste osalevad valitsuse majandusarengu komisjoni istungil.
  • Rahandusminister Toomas Tõniste annab Keila Koolis külalistunni.


Kolmapäev, 19. detsember

  • Riigihalduse minister Janek Mäggi ja asekantsler Raigo Uukkivi kohtub Seto Kuningriigi saatkonnaga.
  • Rahandusminister Toomas Tõniste kohtub Prantsuse pangandusdelegatsiooniga.
  • Rahandusminister Toomas Tõniste osaleb Riigikogu täiskogu istungil, kus on esimesel lugemisel Vabariigi Valitsuse algatatud Riigikogu otsus "Eesti Vabariigi osaluse suurendamine Rahvusvahelises Rekonstruktsiooni- ja Arengupangas“ (772 OE), Vabariigi Valitsuse algatatud tulumaksuseaduse muutmise seaduse eelnõu (770 SE) ning Vabariigi Valitsuse algatatud kindlustustegevuse seaduse ja võlaõigusseaduse muutmise seaduse eelnõu (769 SE).


Neljapäev, 20. detsember

  • Rahandusminister Toomas Tõniste ja riigihalduse minister Janek Mäggi osalevad valitsuse istungil ja valitsuskabineti nõupidamisel.
  • Asekantsler Kaia Sarnet külastab TalTech Virumaa kolledži Põlevkivi Kompetentsikeskust.

Estonian Presidency 2017 Priorities

From July to December 2017 Estonia is holding the presidency of the Council of the European Union. Estonia’s priority in finance and tax policy during the presidency of the EU is to help develop an open and innovative European economy. We wish to make good progress in strengthening the European financial sector. We also intend to move forward with initiatives that help to modernize taxation system. Our priority is to come an agreement on EU 2018 budget, as well.

More information on our website.

Ministry of Finance in Instagram

Mistakes or Delays in Payments

If you have made a mistake with the reference number in a bank transfer while paying a levy or fee to the Estonian government, paid the wrong amount or wish to opt out from a service, please contact the institution whom the reference number belongs to. If you have not received your payment or salary in time, please contact the relevant institution.

More information by phone +372 611 3819 or by e-mail

State budget strategy

In the state budget strategy for the years from 2018-2021, the government of Estonia has set four priorities: promoting economic growth, increasing the population of Estonia, safeguarding and reinforceing the national security as well as increasing social welfare and cohesion. The strategy spells out specific activities and funding in order to achieve the government’s aims.

According to the forecast, the economic growth will average 2.8 per cent a year and the annual growth of tax receipts will average 6.5 per cent from 2017-2021. Tax changes will make the system more growth-friendly, preferring to tax consumption rather than earning. Tax burden will be stable and remain below 36 per cent of GDP.

Administrative-Territorial Reform

The government made the last of the decisions regarding the administrative-territorial reform in early July. As a result of the mergers initiated by volunteers and the government, out of 213 governments in Estonia 79 local governments i.e. 15 towns and 64 municipalities will remain.

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